Wave course(Water surface)



『Wave course』¥1000 (paypal¥1000)

It is recommended to take a wave           course before the main course.

The wave course is offered as a practice course for those who have taken or have already taken artworks that use the expression of waves.  In the main course, there is little space to draw waves and time is limited.  In addition, I have set up as a practice course to tell you how to draw directly.


🔵No one can hold the【 Wave course】.

🔵 【Wave course】 cannot be taken by those who do not plan to take the main course [The shore] [Floating lei] and other artworks that require wave expression.  (The main course can be taken by anyone other than the inventor who meets the conditions).

These are artworks of expression using the waves of the main course.↓↓

【The shore~Hibiscus~】


【Floating lei~Plumeria~】


🔵It is okay to learn the main course from a person who is an instructor and has completed the【 Wave course】

🔵You can take this 【Wave course】 before or after the main course.

(The rules may change in the future depending on the situation.)