『The shore』『Floating lei』Course details


Artworks for instructors

(Those who have some long experience in pastel)

『The Shore~Hibiscus~』

Lesson fee ¥4000 (paypal¥4500)


『Floating Lei~Plumeria(Frangi Pani)』

Lesson fee ¥4000 (paypal¥4500)

Includes 2 kinds of patterns.  In the course, I will draw with the larger plumeria (I) ↓

About “The Shore” and “Floating lei” 

 (It may change depending on the situation.)Jul ,2022

 Those who can teach:Only for those who are instructors and have taken the 【Wave Course(Water surface)】directly from the inventor(bleu de roi/Hiroko Uchida).
The main course may be taken by someone other than the inventor who meets the conditions. You can also take only the 【Wave Course】from the inventor before and after the learning main course from others.
Those who do not teach others are voluntary to take the【wave course】.
 Those who can learn:All people
 Exhibition:Small-scale exhibitions in private are OK after clearly stating the creator(inventor).
 Sale:Prohibition(at the present stage)
 Present:OK


【Wave course(Water surface)】


🔵It is recommended to take a wave   course before the main course.

This is a practice course specializing in waves.

You cannot take The 【Wave course】 if you do not plan to take the main course such as 【The shore~Hibiscus~】 & 【Floating lei~Plumeria】.
Only the inventor can hold the【Wave course】.


more details  for【Wave course】